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  • Keep annotation easy


    Keep annotation easy

    DeepCap keeps you organized during data preparation. You can fully control annotation progress and switch between labeling & training services.

  • Prepare data rapidly


    Prepare data rapidly

    DeepCap easily increases data throughput. You can scale up the annotation process by distributing work to multiple projects or raters.

  • Train with confidence


    Train with confidence

    DeepCap automatically generates reliability scores of labeled datasets, and only quality data can be exported to enter AI training.


How DeepCap Can help you

  • Primary labeling strategies

    Primary labeling strategies

    We support whole image labeling and bounding box for image classification and object detection, including custom image sensing rules, industrial defect detection, and medical image applications.

  • Project-based workflow

    Project-based workflow

    We provide a project-based annotation workflow. You can create annotation projects and assign images to multiple annotators. You have complete control over the annotation progress.

  • DeepCap Smart Validation

    DeepCap Smart Validation

    We provide a consistent rate based on DeepQ original algorithm for an iterative annotation process. The system suggests annotations and provides accurate ground truths for model training.


Label within 3 steps

  • 1

    Upload data and set up a project

    Simply upload the data you want to annotate and setup the project.

  • 2

    Manage workforce and monitor progress

    Distribute work to raters and monitor the progress of your annotation project.

  • 3

    Verify labeled data and start training

    Filter the qualified data and directly export to AI training.

Feature Summary

Enhance DeepCap with DeepQ AI Training

Your labeled data can be exported to DeepQ AI training with just one click. DeepQ AI training can help develop a good AI model with minimum deep learning skills. You can obtain a model using two steps.

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